Fiber Optic Power Meter with Data Storage
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AF-OM220A Data Storage Power Meter

This Rugged optical power meter is the ideal tool for measuring optical power of both multimode and single mode applications. When used with an LED source or a laser source the AF-OM220 can be used to measure insertion loss (attenuation) in both multimode and single mode fiber optic cables.

The AF-OM220A enables the user to save 500+ results and readings. Using the supplied Windows® Compatible software and USB or serial connection, test records may be transferred to a PC for storage, display, printing, and analysis.

This unit features a 7 button control panel - ON/OFF, Wavelength/↑, dBm/mW/dB/↑, Zero ref/Select, Save/Delete, Test/Results and backlight. This easy-to-use power meter also features a 128x64 graphical display with added illustrations such as displaying the zero reference absolute value when reading in db and a full testing guide (zero referencing, single ended testing and double ended testing).

All power meter detectors are potted in a threaded housing enabling adapter versatility. All power meters come standard with 2.5mm universal adapters (AD-100).

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Fiber Optic Power Meter with Data Storage

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