Single mode/Multimode mode test kit
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 The AF-OLK5NNextGen series test kits are the latest addition to the AFS product family. This inexpensive optical test kit is the complete solution necessary for the installer to test and trouble shoot both multimode and single mode fiber optic systems. These test kits are designed to allow testing of all parameters of fiber optic networks, including output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable.


The AF-OLK51N-MM is a test kit designed for multimode applications while the AF-OLK51N-SM test kit is designed to test single-mode fiber optic cable. The AF-OLK52N-Q is designed for both multimode and single-mode applications. The AF-OLK5NNextGen series test kits come with the AF-OM120N-I series power meter. The meter is accompanied with the AF-OS420N 850/1300nm LED light source for multimode applications or/and AF-OS430N 1310/1550nm laser source for single-mode applications (AF-OS430N comes equipped with interchangeable ST, FC and SC connector adapters).


All kits include the AF-OM120N-I power meter which incorporates such features as a enlarged screen for optimal viewing, extended battery life (100+ hours), tone detection (270Hz, 330Hz, 1KHz & 2KHz), dBm\dB\Watts read out and an auto off feature (optional 10 or 30 min). The unit utilizes an InGaAs detector and its calibrated wavelengths include 850/1300/1310/1490/1550 &1625nm. All wavelengths have a Set Reference feature which stores selected wavelengths absolute value to memory.


This is one of the most cost effective and easy to use insertion loss test kits on the market today. 

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Single mode/Multimode mode test kit

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